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All-in-one solution for freelancers

  • Payment within 5 working days
  • Plenty of jobs within the Netherlands
  • A contact person for your questions
  • More time to focus on your job

Alertec ZZP

For freelancers working in construction and manufacturing.

Working with Alertec ZZP means you can focus on your expertise. Let us help you with available jobs and regular payment.

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Building your own dream job

The all-in-one solution

Finish your own jobs quickly and easily. Your billing is taken care off and your invoices paid within 5 working days. A large network of projects and jobs is available to you. Isn't that what every entrepreneur wants?

Look no further, we'll take care of it for you! We'll even add a fixed contact person for all your questions. Because when you're at work, you're already busy enough without all the secondary tasks.

  • Pick and choose projects near you
  • Your invoices are paid within 5 working days
  • A fixed contact person
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